Who is Samrat Chakraborty ??

Samrat Chakraborty is a very young 26 yrs, Indian Top Financer, best selling author, financial planner, fiery speaker & the ultimate Master of Goal Setting plus the creator of Samrat Finance & Transform android app.
He is the one who challenges the age old status quo and does things differently in a better way. He wants to help 7.68 billions of people on planet earth for a better and improved society. He strongly beliefs that every problem contains a seed of bigger opportunity. He’s a college dropout and once failed in class 8, have failed in 27 business ventures in a row. But he gleaned the lessons from each failures learnt the mistakes the hard way through trial and errors & then trying again. He have this trait of being resilient and

Always Always Always elegantly persistent.

Here’s a Billion Dollar Tip from his desk – β€œYour mistakes will get buried in your results.” He does everything in a very simple way which can be repeatedly duplicated because complexity is the enemy of execution.

He started Samrat Finance in 2017 in a little 10x6 office space in Kolkata, and now 3 years later with his strong trained team of 20+ members, he is going to make a Samrat Finance the Biggest private financing company in India. He have seen many market trends going up and down, people going bankrupt, majority of the people suffering due to lack of financial literacy, which is the main reason behind why 84% of the Indians live from paycheck to paycheck due to lack of financial knowledge. He wants to end this epidemic through a structured step by step easy Financial Literacy education. Check his blogs & newsletter to know about more about this and learn the skill that is needed to escape the rat race for free and live the life which is completely wild beyond imagination and achieve everything you want in life.

About Samrat

On February 16th, 2017, a part of another business venture went bust, completely frustrated and desperate to find the meaning of what β€˜success’ really means, a 24 - year - old Samrat Chakraborty discovered the Simplest way to create a business and growing it bigger and faster after lots of trial & error.

Great Financier Magnate

Samrat created the Samrat Finance team which consists of more than 22 highly trained experienced financial consultants and marketing support stuffs.

Master of The Ultimate Goal Setting Technique

After having many setbacks in his life, he made a simple clear cut system to help himself getting up and reach the new levels of success. He clearly talks about that system on his book, which is also a Best Seller. You can get that on Amazon, or if you want to learn that , You can check his blog to get tips and tricks to get super ahead in life.

Personal Life

Samrat is a big lover of dogs and animals. He has a pure bred imported German Rottweiler, Linda, who is a pure love ball for him and his family. He loves spending his time with his friends, meeting new people, travelling across the world, exploring different cultures and helping charities. He is planning to open a new charity for street animals by December 2020.